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The Value of Experience

Experience. Plan Choice. And the undisputed value of Delta Dental.

That’s what the 180 Massachusetts-based municipalities that offer their employees our dental coverage get every day.  And your town or city can make the switch too.

The benefits of Delta Dental are clear.  

  • Lower total costs - We offer the widest choice of network providers – 96% of the state’s dentists participate – which means lower costs for your employees because they can see network providers for their care.
  • More choice - You have a wide range of voluntary and contributory standalone plans to meet all of your needs.
  • The Brand Everyone Wants - Delta Dental is the brand your employees know and trust as the dental benefits leader.

Switching is easy

Our vast experience makes switching to Delta Dental easy for you and your employees. In fact, our Guarantee of Service Excellence guarantees it:

  • Guaranteed client-specific implementation timelines and milestones
  • Accurate ID cards for each subscriber that are guaranteed postmarked and mailed within 10 business days of receiving a clean enrollment file
  • Designated Delta Dental account representative conducts onsite meetings, educates members, and helps ensure a smooth transition

Delta Dental is the brand employees want, trust and value

When Massachusetts employees are given a choice, an overwhelming majority will chose Delta Dental. 

In addition, Delta Dental’s unique prevention and wellness programs give employees the coverage and the encouragement to make oral health a priority. All while providing the most value for the money for your municipality and your employees.