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    2013 Increase of 44.6% in Tooth Fairy Gifts Leads to Gap-Toothed Grins Across the U.S.

    With a 44.6% rise in the average gift for a lost tooth in 2013, the Tooth Fairy has inspired a new generation of fans, according to Delta Dental’s The Original Tooth Fairy Poll®. This boost—from $2.42 to $3.50, and up to $4.51 for first teeth—outperformed every major U.S. stock index.  

    Tooth Fairy giving has actually been a barometer of the market’s overall direction for more than a decade, tracking to the movement of the S&P 500 Index for 10 of the last 11 years.
    Beyond the Wall Street buzz, however, kids (and parents!) love that the Tooth Fairy makes oral care more fun than fearful.


    The State of the Tooth-iun

    The Tooth Fairy visited 86% of U.S. homes with children who lost a tooth, leaving cash 98% of the time—with $1 as the most popular amount (42%)—and bringing toys, gum or other gifts to the other 2%.
    If that sounds like a lot of ground to cover, don’t worry; the Tooth Fairy found an enthusiastic assistant in 61% of moms, and 35% of dads.
    54% of parents shared that their child waited for their first tooth to come out on its own—but other kids were less patient: 22% pulled their own tooth, while 16% had their parents do the trick. For others, dinner did all the heavy lifting: 13% lost a tooth while eating.

    Start Off on the Right Tooth

    “Leaving gifts from the Tooth Fairy is a great way to help make losing teeth more enjoyable for kids.” says Jennifer Elliott of Delta Dental Plans Association.

    Kids start losing baby teeth around age 6, but they can be introduced to the Tooth Fairy much earlier. Let them know that good oral health habits and healthy teeth make her happy. Once your child has lost a tooth, you can even include a note from the Tooth Fairy, with tips that she wants your kids to practice.

    Get all the results at The Original Tooth Fairy Poll®. For kid-friendly oral care tips, visit Delta Dental’s online oral health care information center.