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Did you know a healthy smile is a powerful tool in improving your overall health? That's why it's the perfect time to pop by your dentist and show your mouth some love.

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Find out how Delta Dental is transforming the oral health system to be more efficient, effective and to deliver better care. 
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Delta Dental gives employers more for their money.

Business woman smiling in officeDelta Dental offers the largest networks for more convenience, more preventive services, substantial claims savings thanks to the deep discounts we negotiate with short more value. Plus our PreventistryTM approach is aimed at eliminating oral disease and keeping our members healthier.

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No dental plan through your employer? No worries.

Father and son playing outsideDelta Dental has affordable dental plans and options to keep you and your family healthy and happy. Plans with the most dentists in the networks, great savings, easy to join and easy to use - no wonder Delta Dental has the most members.

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Download the Delta Dental mobile app today!

Mobile App IconMaximize your health, wherever you are! With our mobile app you can search for a dentist near you, view ID cards, review claims, get a cost estimate for common dental needs and more, right on your smartphone.

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See a dentist when you need to with virtual visits.

Teledentistry visit on laptop
Beginning February 1, 2022 - Virtual Visits delivered by provide 24/7 access to a dentist, 365 days a year conveniently from your home through your smartphone, tablet or computer. Use this service if you have a dental emergency and need access to a dentist after hours or need a consultation with a dentist when your dentist is not available.
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