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About Us
We are passionate about improving oral health
At Delta Dental of Massachusetts, we’re changing the world one smile at a time -- by creating an awareness of the importance of oral health that grows each and every day. In everything we do, we set the bar.
In fact, we were among the first to provide the following benefits as part of our dental programs:
  • Coverage for sealants up to age 19 for high-risk patients
  • Coverage for periodontal cleanings for individuals with gum disease
  • Prescription-strength fluoride toothpaste for those who have had periodontal surgery
  • Chlorhexidine antimicrobial mouth rinse for those who have had a deep cleaning
  • Coverage of brush biopsies to detect oral cancer
Maintaining strong partnerships with the oral health research community is one of the many ways we remain at the forefront. By staying informed about new therapies, our benefits reflect the best practice in good oral health care.
We are changing the course of oral health in America with prevention-focused initiatives like our Preventistry℠ approach.  To learn more about this unique program, click here.