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    Keep Teeth Shining During the Summer

    In the summer, most of us are worried about sunburns, not oral health. Like any other season, though, summer comes with its own set of oral health concerns. Prevent dental damage by reviewing some of the top seasonal oral health issues – and how you can prepare for them.

    Chlorine. Swimming pools with improper chemical levels can result in stained, eroded and sensitive teeth. This often happens when people who own pools try to maintain the chemical balance themselves instead of hiring a professional. To prevent problems such as this, it’s best to hire a pro for proper pool upkeep.[1]
    Sensitive teeth. If you bite into an ice pop to cool down this summer and find yourself in pain, you may be suffering from sensitive teeth. The problem is usually exposed dentin, the tissue that makes up the core of each tooth. When enamel wears down too much, the dentin becomes vulnerable to things like temperature changes. Your dentist can recommend treatment, possibly including desensitizing toothpaste or in-office application of protective sealants.[2]
    Lip protection. When you’re applying sunscreen this summer, don’t forget about your lips. People who spend a lot of time outside without protecting their lips from the sun’s harmful rays are at increased risk for oral cancer. Prevention is as easy as applying (and reapplying) lip balm that contains SPF when you’re outside.[3]