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About Us

    Oral Health on the Road

    Getting ready for that well-deserved vacation? Do you know what to do if dental disaster strikes when you’re miles from your regular dentist? We’re here to help save your vacation.

    Find an In-Network Dentist

    Before you go, become familiar with your dental plan. Check your plan booklet to see if you have to visit an in-network dentist or if you can visit any licensed dentist. Delta Dental has some of the largest dentist networks in the nation, so there’s a good chance you can find a network dentist wherever you are. To find an in-network dentist, visit’ll be able to enter your plan type and find a dentist by location, practice name or last name.
    For an even more convenient option, download the Delta Dental mobile app where you can search for dentists and access your ID card. To download the app, visit the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android) and search for “Delta Dental.”

    When You’re Out of Network

    If you’re planning on being completely out of network – traveling outside the country, for instance – be sure to check your coverage before you leave. Some plans cover dental emergencies no matter where you are, while others have restrictions. Do some research before you go – it’ll come in handy if you knock out a tooth while cliff diving!