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    Why Peanuts Are Both Good and Bad for Teeth

    Whether you’re enjoying a bag at a baseball game or grabbing a handful as part of a healthy pick-me-up, there’s no question that peanuts are a delicious snack. In fact, they’re so popular that they have their own holiday: National Peanut Day on September 13. But beware – though peanuts are good for you nutritionally, they can also be bad for your teeth.

    It might be tempting to use your teeth to shell these legumes, but the hard coverings can actually harm your pearly whites. Cracking peanut shells – or any other nut shells – can chip or even crack your tooth. A cracked tooth can be very painful and may require a root canal procedure or a crown, or may even need to be pulled.[1] Instead, use your fingers to take the peanut out of its shell and save your teeth the torture.
    Once removed from the shell, however, peanuts are great for teeth! Peanuts are packed with protein, which helps produce the connective tissue that supports teeth. Peanuts also help oral health by cutting the acidity of your saliva, lowering the likelihood of tooth decay.[2]
    So, go ahead and enjoy some peanuts on September 13 – just make sure you’re only using your teeth to chew them, not to open them!