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    Honor Your Mouth on World Oral Health Day

    This year, like every year on March 20, we join more than 100 countries for World Oral Health Day to celebrate the importance of healthy mouths. 

    For World Oral Healthy Day 2016, the theme is: “It all starts here. Healthy mouth, healthy body.” This reminds us that in fact taking care of your mouth does more than just improve your smile. 
    More than 120 diseases, including diabetes, HIV, psoriasis, leukemia and systemic lupus, can have symptoms appear in your mouth.
    And it goes even further than symptoms. Some oral health problems are associated with overall health problems. For example, people with diabetes are more susceptible to gum disease, often developing it earlier in life and more severely than their non-diabetic counterparts. And the bacteria that cause gum disease may even lead to heart problems, some studies show.
    The good news is that access to preventive dental care improves both oral health and overall health. That’s because regular checkups can help your dentist identify these diseases and conditions early – and early detection often results in a better outcome both physically and financially.
    So, if you’re overdue for a regular exam, March is the perfect time to take care of your oral health and overall health by making a dental appointment today.