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    It’s Summer: Stay Hydrated but Watch What You Drink!

    It’s the dog days of summer. School has been out and camps are in full swing. For kids who engage in high endurance activities, like sports camps, hydration is key. And many turn to sports drinks to quickly replenish electrolytes. But what does this mean for their health?

    Recent evidence shows that these sugary drinks are growing in popularity among children—and they’re not just drinking them while playing sports. The high sugar and acidic content means the potential for cavities and tooth decay.
    According to a study reported in British Dental Journal, 89 percent of the children who responded to a survey claimed to drink sports drinks, half are drinking them at least twice a week. And, the main reason for consuming the drinks was the “nice taste.”
    Back in 2012, it was reported that General Dentistry had also found irreversible damage to teeth caused by an increase in the consumption of sports and energy drinks, especially among children.
    It was noted specifically that the high acidity levels in the drinks erode tooth enamel, the glossy outer layer of the tooth. In fact, researchers found that damage to enamel was evident after only five days of exposure to sports or energy drinks. And without the protection of enamel, teeth become overly sensitive, prone to cavities, and more likely to decay.
    What does this mean for your kids? It’s important to stay hydrated, especially when they are out in the sun exerting a lot of energy. But it is recommended that they limit sports and energy drinks. They can also rinse with water after drinking those drinks to help get acid levels back to normal and protect their teeth and gums.
    Talk to your dentist for more help in keeping your kids hydrated and healthy this summer!