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    Reenergize Your Oral Health Routine

    As January comes to a close, consider whether oral health should have been part of your resolutions. Looking for an oral health resolution that’s easy to keep? An easy change, like testing out a new toothpaste flavor, will help you get a fresh start on good oral health habits in 2016: 

    • Switch from a manual to an electric toothbrush. Simply changing the type of toothbrush you use may help reenergize your oral health routine. While both types can be equally effective, electric toothbrushes may be helpful in brushing hard-to-reach spots for people with arthritis and disabilities. Manual or electric, it’s still important to brush your teeth twice a day.
    • Try a new toothpaste. Kids aren’t the only ones who get to have fun with flavors. Off-the-wall varieties such as vanilla ice cream or chocolate could make it more exciting to brush. If you prefer standard mint, toothpastes with whitening and baking soda may give your smile an extra sparkle. Whatever you choose this year, be sure the active ingredient list includes fluoride to effectively fight tooth decay.
    • Try a different type of floss. Everyone should floss once a day, but there are different ways to get the job done. Dental tape is extra-wide floss for people with a lot of bridgework or large spaces between teeth, and floss picks provide an easy-to-use design that you can hold with one hand. Like toothpaste, floss also comes in unique flavors like cupcake.
    • Find a new dentist. Maybe you’ve been putting off an appointment because you didn’t “click” with your dentist. Delta Dental makes it easy to find a new dentist in your area with the “Find a Dentist” tool at and on our mobile app. Check with friends to see if they would recommend their dentists. To save costs, search for dentists that are in the Delta Dental network.