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    Will there be fewer treats this Halloween?

    No candy at Halloween? That’s what some people are saying. 

    In a new survey, Delta Dental found that 10 percent fewer adults say they’ll hand any treats out this Halloween compared to last year. Only 68 percent of those surveyed plan to hand out candy, compared to last year’s 78 percent.
    But even at those houses, trick-or-treaters likely won’t come away empty handed—23 percent of adults say they plan to hand out something other than candy. According to the survey, 9 percent say they’ll hand out money and 14 percent are going with pencils, stickers or small toys.
    If this doesn’t sit well with you little ghosts and goblins, rest assured, trick or treating in Massachusetts is likely to remain in its pure, candy-filled form.
    The survey found that sweet treat giving will be highest in the Northeast, where 70 percent of adults plan to hand out treats on Halloween.
    What will they get? According to a state-by-state Halloween candy ranking survey, the favorite candy in the state of Massachusetts is Starburst.
    And while that may make your little ones happy, those chewy Starburst can wreak havoc on their teeth. To keep their mouths happy and healthy this Halloween, combat the candy with these tips:

    • Eat dinner before trick-or-treating. If your children have full bellies, they may be less likely to overindulge in while they are out collecting their candy haul.
    • Enjoy Halloween candy only after a meal to take advantage of increased saliva production to help wash away the sugar left by candy.
    • Avoid between-meal candy snacking. The more times the teeth are exposed to sugar each day, the more likely they are to get decay.
    • Make sure your children drink extra water to stay hydrated during trick-or-treating and to help wash away sugar that may otherwise cause tooth decay.
    • Remind children to brush for two minutes and floss after they dig into their trick-or-treat bags. Practicing good oral hygiene will help keep their mouths clean and their teeth free of decay.
    And remember, have a happy and safe Halloween!