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    Have a Happy, Healthy, Cavity-Free Halloween

    It’s that time of year again – ghosts, goblins, and ghouls will soon be roaming from house to house to collect Halloween loot, including lots of candy. It can be a scary time for healthy teeth, so try these tips to make sure that your little monsters don’t overdo the sweets.

    Find a candy buy-back program – or create your own.

    Some dentists offer a program where they purchase candy from kids, by the piece or by the pound. If yours doesn’t, create your own buy-back program! It’s an inexpensive way to keep cavities at bay, and your kids can still keep a few favorites.

    Eat dinner before hitting the sidewalks.

    Make sure your kids have a healthy meal before they trick-or-treat. If their bellies are full, they won’t be as likely to snack along the way. If kids wait until they get home to have a piece of candy or two, you’ll have more control over how many pieces they get – and which ones.

    Scrap the sticky sweets.

    Candy isn’t created equal: When it comes to oral health, plain chocolate (not chocolate wrapped around sticky caramel or nougat) is the best bet. It doesn’t cling to teeth, so it’s more easily rinsed away and less likely to cause cavities. Caramel, taffy, and other sticky candies tend to attach to teeth, which mean the sugars stick around longer and have more cavity-causing potential.

    Don’t forget to brush!

    Here’s the most important tip of all: After your kids have met their candy quota for the evening, make sure they spend a little quality time in the bathroom brushing and flossing. A few minutes of prevention will go a long way toward keeping those smiles sparkling even after the monster makeup is gone.[1]
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