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    Delta Dental® of Massachusetts to Provide Additional $12 Million COVID-19 Relief for Massachusetts Employers, Dentists and Members

    New Rebates and Funding for Dentists Are Insurer’s Latest Pandemic Relief Funding Efforts


    Boston, MA, [November 9, 2020] – Delta Dental of Massachusetts (DDMA) will provide $12 million more in relief to its fully insured clients, individual members and independent dentists and oral surgeons working in DDMA network practices across the state, as the latest step in its comprehensive COVID-19 relief and recovery program.

    The new relief package will include credits to support Massachusetts fully insured clients and individual members as well as payments to eligible* dental practices in DDMA’s network to help mitigate costs associated with new pandemic-related safety measures. The company previously announced $35 million in support for employers, individual members, and dentists during the first few months of the pandemic.

    "Oral health is a critical component of overall health, and Delta Dental is committed to supporting our members and oral health partners during this public health crisis,” said Delta Dental of Massachusetts President and CEO Dennis Leonard. “COVID-19 forced closures that delayed or prevented our members from receiving non-emergency care and created new safety protocols for patients and providers. The steps we’re taking today will return a portion of premiums paid for services that could not be provided in March and April and will help equip participating practices in our network with the tools they need to continue delivering care during the COVID-19 pandemic for our members as they return to more regular operations in the coming months.”

    The client rebates will be reflected as credits on December premium statements. Subscribers who purchased coverage directly from Delta Dental of Massachusetts will see a credit on their January 2021 premium statements. Subscribers and small businesses that purchased coverage through the Massachusetts Health Connector will receive a rebate check in December.

    For eligible dentists, DDMA is announcing two additional financial programs to support providers. The first is an extension of an earlier program providing $10 payments per in-person visit. This program is extended to include in-person visits that occurred in the month of September. The second, is an additional payment made to eligible dentists in December to help offset pandemic-related costs associated with increased safety measures in the coming year.

    “Not all dental practices have identical needs,” said Leonard. “Our COVID-19 support programs are designed to give our providers flexibility to make the purchases they need to operate their unique practices. We believe this is the fastest and most efficient way to help our dentists address the safety needs of their staff and patients as we head into the new year.” 

    These latest relief efforts showcase DDMA’s ongoing commitment of support for clients and partners as all continue to navigate this global health crisis.  Earlier steps in DDMA’s COVID-19 relief and recovery program included:

    • 30% credits on April and May insurance premiums for fully insured businesses and DDMA’s individual subscribers.
    • A $2 million contribution to fully fund the Massachusetts Dental Society Foundation’s COVID-19 Recovery Fund, which provided personal protective equipment to dental practices across Massachusetts.
    • Free access to its Delta Dental Patient Direct® card discount plan offered to furloughed or laid-off employees of DDMA clients from June 1, 2020 through the end of 2020.
    • Distribution of more than 150,000 free electronic toothbrushes to fully insured members who chose to return to the dentist for preventive cleanings between June 1, 2020 and August 31, 2020.
    • $10 payments to dental practices for each in-person visit completed between June 1, 2020 and August 31, 2020 to help reduce new barriers to care resulting from COVID-19. These payments were above and beyond regular reimbursements and could be used to cover a variety of operational costs, including personal protective equipment.
    • Donations to the City of Boston’s Resiliency Fund, the Worcester Community Foundation’s Together COVID-19 Fund and the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts COVID-19 Fund for Pioneer Valley.
    Taken together, the many elements of DDMA’s program represent the insurer’s continued commitment to COVID-19 relief efforts.  “COVID-19 has touched each of us in different ways,” said Leonard. “We’re proud to be doing our part to help our clients, providers and members through this unprecedented time and we continue to urge other dental insurers in this market to do the same.”   

    About Delta Dental of Massachusetts
    Delta Dental of Massachusetts (, the largest provider of dental benefits in the state, is a leader in innovative programs that improve the overall health of members, prevent oral disease and reduce health care costs for employers, groups and individuals. Headquartered in Charlestown, Mass., Delta Dental of Massachusetts, a member of the Delta Dental Plans Association (, covers more than 2 million people. Follow us on Twitter (@DeltaDentalofMA), Facebook (, and Instagram (@deltadentalofma) and check out the monthly oral health calendar at

    *Payments will be made to independent dental practices (dentists and oral surgeons) in Massachusetts who currently participate in Delta Dental of Massachusetts’ networks, and have done so since at least March 24, 2020 (the date of Governor Baker’s order for non-essential businesses to cease in-person operations and stay-at-home advisory).   Offices must be  privately owned by dentist(s), with no venture capital or corporate support (I.e., not an FQHC, DSO, CHC). Only one payment per practice Tax ID Number.