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Register a Super User

Welcome to our web portal registration page!

This registration page is solely used to create a Super User account. Be sure to register yourself or assign the role of a Super User to a staff member to access our online services. 
The Super User is responsible for setting up other users for your group, if needed, and determining what access they should be allowed.
Once this Super User account is created, the Super User may then log into the new secure section of the site and from there create additional users, including other Super Users, as needed. To ensure the security of your data, please limit the number of Super User Accounts that are created. 
A Super User can perform the following:
  • Create user ID's and passwords for your staff
  • Manage, edit and delete your staff user IDs and passwords
  • Decide what staff members can do/have access to
  • Check status of Claims and Pre-Estimates

Once user IDs are created for the office, your staff can perform any of the above functions if you have given them permission to do so. 
Click on the link below to begin the registration process. 
Refer to the registration manual for detailed information on registration.

Register Now