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COVID-19 Response Programs

Providing you with communications resources to share with your employees about these changes, as well as what to expect as they transition back to dental care. 

Encouraging Preventive Care
Member Benefit Fact Sheet Coverpage
To help encourage members to make up for some of the preventive care they missed, we are giving an electronic toothbrush to every member who gets a preventive cleaning with a network dentist between June 1 and August 31, 2020. The brush has 5 cleaning modes and a rechargeable battery that can last for 2-3 months. And you get a 50% savings on replacement brush heads.

Members don’t need to fill out any paperwork to qualify. We are monitoring claims during that time and will send out the toothbrushes on a bi-weekly basis. Members should understand that it can take time – up to a month – for a provider to submit a claim and that claim is the trigger to send the toothbrush.

Please share the Member Rewards and Benefit Changes fact sheet outlining this new member reward program so your employees can take advantage of it.  

Educating Members on Return to Care

As provider office reopen, your employees will need to decide when it’s right to get back to their regular routine of care. We have developed a fact sheet about what they should expect when they return to the dentist office.

Please download and share the What to Expect at the Dentist fact sheet with your employees. 

Enhancing Benefits, Supporting Members

We had mentioned that we were changing the time limits on preventive care and other services from every 6 months to twice per year to allow members to catch up with the care they may have missed over the past several months.

Some employers had already made this frequency switch, so it’s important that you check your plan to see which changes specifically impact your company. Here are the specifics of the changes. 
Present Frequency    
New Frequency 
Periodic Oral Exam   
Once every 6 months   
Twice per year   
Teeth Cleaning   
Once every 6 months   
Twice per year   
Bitewing X-Rays   
Once every 6 months   
Twice per year   
Fluoride Treatments   
Once every 6 months   
Twice per year   
Periodontal Cleaning   
Once every 3 months   
Four per year   
NOTE: the 4 Periodontal Cleanings include the 2 standard tooth cleanings.

Review your plan details and share the Member Rewards and Benefit Changes fact sheet with your employees.

Personal Protective Equipment

We have received a number of questions from members and providers about the cost of Personal Protective Equipment. In some cases, providers have said they were going to bill members for this equipment.

This is not allowed under our agreement with providers. They may not bill members or Delta Dental for those costs. If your employees have questions or concerns, suggest that they reach out to our Member Services Team.

We want to assure you that we are working hard to support providers and ensure that our network remains the strongest in the state. Among our support for providers are:  
  • $10 per visit additional payment from June 1 to August 31, 2020 to help offset reopening costs. 
  • $2 million commitment to the Massachusetts Dental Society Foundation’s COVID-19 Fund that is intended to support PPEs for dentists. 
  • An advance payment of claims that allowed providers to get financial help as they approach fully reopening their offices. 

Costs associated with all of these programs will be incurred by Delta Dental of Massachusetts.

* Delta Dental Patient Direct Discount Card is not dental insurance. For those with mandated coverage requirements, the Delta Dental Patient Direct Discount Card does not suffice as Evidence of Coverage or satisfy Essential Benefit requirements. The program provides discounts on dental services from participating dentists in the Delta Dental of Massachusetts network. No payments to members or providers will be made by Delta Dental of Massachusetts. Members are obligated to pay for all dental services provided. The discount card cannot be used in combination with dental insurance.