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The Brush Up

“Brush Up” with the experts

In our “Pearls of Wisdom” videos below, industry leaders talk about the big issues impacting dentistry right now. 

Mental Health

In a new episode of Pearls of Wisdom, Dr. Joy Void-Holmes, a registered dental hygienist, educator and speaker, speaks with Delta Dental of Massachusetts President and CEO Dennis Leonard about the importance of mental health and the unique challenges that dental providers face.

Mental Health in Dentistry

In this episode of Pearls of Wisdom, Dr. Kyle Stanley, chief clinical officer at Pearl and mental health advocate, discusses the state of mental health in the dental industry and tips and tools that providers can use to help support their mental health.

Get Your Patients Back in the Office with Preventistry


This episode of Pearls of Wisdom is all about Preventistry — Delta Dental of Massachusetts’ unique approach to transforming the oral health care system to meet the individual health needs of our members through the alignment of data, finance and care. Delta Dental of Massachusetts is launching its expanded Preventistry initiative this month with the Preventistry Patient Report. Watch as Dr. Linda Vidone, VP of Clinical Management for Delta Dental of Massachusetts, joins President and CEO Dennis Leonard to discuss why we’re launching this program and how the report can help providers, as well as their patients.


Preventive Care and Healthy Holidays


As we approach the end of the year, this episode of Pearls of Wisdom focuses on a lighter and more festive topic: the impact of the holiday season on oral health, and how providers can use this time of year to talk with patients about their oral hygiene habits and the importance of preventive care. President and CEO of Delta Dental of Massachusetts, Dennis Leonard, and Dr. Linda Vidone, VP of Clinical Management for Delta Dental of Massachusetts and a practicing dentist, discuss how providers can encourage their patients to maintain healthy habits this holiday season.   


The Teen Vaping Crisis Continues


Despite receding from the headlines over the last two years, the teen vaping epidemic continues to be a serious concern in our communities. This episode of Pearls of Wisdom features Delta Dental of Massachusetts President and CEO, Dennis Leonard, and Marcella Bianco, program director at CATCH My Breath, a nonprofit organization that creates and provides anti-vaping curriculum to middle and high schools. We discuss how the epidemic has evolved during the pandemic, its impacts on oral health, and what dental providers should know when discussing this important topic with patients and families.   


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


This Pearls of Wisdom episode features Dr. Joy Void-Holmes, a Registered Dental Hygienist, educator and speaker, to discuss diversity, equity and inclusion in the dental industry. Watch to gain some new insights on this important topic, and also get a preview to the upcoming webinar to be hosted by Dr. Void-Holmes in October!   


Quality Measurement in Dentistry 

This episode of Pearls of Wisdom features Joe Dill, Vice President of Dental Science & Network Strategy at Delta Dental Plans Association, as our guest to discuss quality measures in dentistry. Joe joins our host Dennis Leonard to discuss the measuring quality in oral health – the many challenges associated with it along with some of the interesting opportunities it offers providers, and how this industry shift can impact the future of oral health care.   


What Employers Are Looking For in Dental Plans 

This Pearls of Wisdom episode features Erik Montlack, Vice President of Sales and Client Services at Delta Dental of Massachusetts, as our guest to discuss what employers are looking for from dental plans and how that shapes benefits plans. Erik joins Dennis Leonard, Delta Dental of Massachusetts President and CEO Dennis Leonard, to discuss how the evolving needs of employers and employees shape plan design, and the increasing move toward value-based and preventive care. 


Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry 

In this episode of Pearls of Wisdom, we welcome a new host, Dr. Linda Vidone! Watch as Dr. Vidone discusses the rise of artificial intelligence in dentistry with Ophir Tanz, founder and CEO of Pearl, an artificial intelligence company focused on the dental market.

Disclaimer: Delta Dental does not recommend or endorse any specific technology, tests, dentists, products, procedures, opinions, or other information that may be mentioned in this video.


Emerging Trends 

In this episode of Pearls of Wisdom, Dennis Leonard, Delta Dental of Massachusetts President and CEO, and Dr. Linda Vidone, Vice President of Clinical Management at Delta Dental of Massachusetts, discuss emerging trends in dentistry and what we can expect to see from the industry in 2021.


Minimally Invasive Dentistry

On this episode of Pearls of Wisdom, Dennis Leonard, President and CEO at Delta Dental, and Dr. Jeremy Horst discuss “minimally invasive dentistry” – an innovative new approach that has been gaining increased attention during COVID-19 because many of its techniques result in spreading fewer aerosols. 

How Providers Are Embracing a New Normal 

On this episode of Pearls of Wisdom, Delta Dental of Massachusetts CEO Dennis Leonard and Dr. Linda Vidone sit down and discuss the unique challenges and opportunities that dental providers have faced in recent months, from infection control and keeping up with evolving public health guidance, to building trust with both patients and staff as they return to the dental office has changed.


The Importance of Medical-Dental Integration 

On this episode of Pearls of Wisdom, DentaQuest's Dr. Myechia Minter-Jordan discusses the importance medical-dental integration and what dental providers can do to further the movement.


Will Teledentistry Transform Dentistry?

What happens when you combine modern telecommunication technology and dentistry to bring dental services to patients across the country? Dr. Linda Vidone explains how this innovation has evolved and how it can change the future of dentistry.


Making Progress on Opioids

Are we getting any closer to ending the opioid epidemic? Julie Burns, President & CEO of RIZE Massachusetts, joins us to discuss the progress that's been made and what barriers remain.


Vaping and Adolescent Addiction

Vaping has been in the news a lot, as this very serious public health epidemic continues to explode. We talked to Dr. Nicholas Chadi, an expert in adolescent addiction, about how vaping affects teens - from brain development to oral health - and what dentists and patients should know in order to address it..


Food Is Medicine with Community Servings

Nutrition is a fundamental component of good health. Jean Terranova, Director of Food and Health Policy at Community Servings, joins us for this month's Pearls of Wisdom to discuss how an innovative program called "Food is Medicine" is working to lower health care costs and improve health outcomes in Massachusetts.

Consumer Trends in Oral Health

From charcoal toothpaste to oil pulling, patients today are bombarded with messages about new oral health products making big, and sometimes dubious, claims. Dr. Sean Boynes joins us to discuss the latest consumer trends and how dentists can help patients navigate this marketplace.


3D Printing with Formlabs


3D printing has become a game changer in dentistry. Sam Wainwright of Formlabs joins us to explain the latest innovations and how the technology will change the future of dentistry.


Expanding Access To Care

Did you know that 37 million people in this country do not have access to oral health care? In this episode of Pearls of Wisdom, Delta Dental CEO Dennis Leonard and Dr. Mike Monopoli talk about the lack of access, how that influences overall health, and how that can impact your dental practice. 


Marketing your Dental Practice

Branding and marketing have become an important aspect of building a strong dental practice. This month's Pearls of Wisdom explains how dentists can build a brand that reflects who they are and connects with patients. 


Employer Benefits

Did you know over 60% of Massachusetts residents are covered by an employer-sponsored dental plan? Today, Delta Dental President Dennis Leonard and VP of Sales and Client Services Erik Montlack talk about the surprising new things employers are asking for in their dental plans this year and how that impacts your practice.