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Delta Dental Plans

Total Choice PPO 2000

Total Choice PPO 2000 gives you and your family great dental coverage by combining comprehensive dental benefits with an extensive network of dentists across the Commonwealth.  

Total Choice PPO 2000 offers you the highest level of coverage for both preventive (e.g., cleanings and exams) AND basic restorative treatments (e.g., fillings), with a generous $2,000 annual benefit maximum. There are more than 3,500 Massachusetts dentists who accept the Total Choice PPO 2000 plan, which means you are highly likely to be able to find a dentist who accepts your plan AND Delta Dental’s negotiated discounted rates for services. You save the most money by seeing a Total Choice PPO 2000 dentist.
You always have the option to get care from a dentist who isn’t contracted to serve you as a Total Choice PPO 2000 member. However, this means less coverage, no access to Delta Dental’s negotiated discounted rates, and higher out-of-pocket costs for you.
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Total Choice PPO Overview

Annual Deductible (total amount you need to pay before coverage starts)


Annual maximum amount plan pays (the maximum the plan will pay for your care each year)

Services In-network coverage Out-of-network coverage Wait period before coverage begins

Preventative or Type 1 care

(cleanings and exams)
100% covered 80% covered None

Basic restorative or Type 2 care

(such as fillings)
100% covered 80% covered 6 months

Major restorative or Type 3 care

(such as crowns)
60% covered 40% covered 12 months



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  1. May only be purchased and used by those who have primary residence in Massachusetts.
The information provided in this website is a summary and is intended for illustration purposes only. Please see your subscriber certification or other contract with Delta Dental of Massachusetts for complete details of your rights and obligations. Should any discrepancy arise, any such contract supersedes this illustration.