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Delta Dental Plans

Total Choice PPO

This plan is not available for new enrollments as of December 20, 2021.

No waiting periods or annual benefit maximum*.

• More coverage and benefits
• Largest PPO provider network in the state

The Total Choice PPO plan for individuals and families offers you more. The plan meets your needs by providing comprehensive coverage for cleanings and exams, fillings and crowns, root canals and oral surgery.  

With Total Choice PPO, you can start getting the care you need from your effective date because there’s no waiting period for services. That includes all covered services, even major ones like a root canal. Traditional plans make you wait three to six months for basic procedures and even longer for major services.
The new Total Choice PPO has no annual benefit maximum – absolutely none! That means there are no dollar limits on covered services in the course of a calendar year, no matter how much treatment you may need. (Traditional plans have annual benefit limits.)
Total Choice PPO makes it easy to find an in-network dentist because the plan provides access to the largest PPO network in Massachusetts with more than 4,200 unique providers. You save the most money by seeing an in-network provider.
One last thing – the Delta Dental discount applies to all care you receive from an in-network provider. This helps you reduce your out-of-pocket costs for deductibles and co-pays. And preventive services are covered at 100%.


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Total Choice PPO Overview

Annual Deductible


Annual maximum amount plan pays

No maximum

Wait period for basic procedures

(such as cleanings and fillings)
No waiting period

Wait period for basic procedures

(such as cleanings and fillings)
No waiting period


Total Choice PPO Benefit Summary


  1. Additional terms and conditions do apply.
  2.  Delta Dental Of Massachsetts Total Choice PPO no annual bennifit maximum*, (meaning there are no dollar limits on covered services for the calendar year),
  3. May only be purchased and used by those who have primary residence in Massachusetts.
The information provided in this website is a summary and is intended for illustration purposes only. Please see your subscriber certification or other contract with Delta Dental of Massachusetts for complete details of your rights and obligations. Should any discrepancy arise, any such contract supersedes this illustration.