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    Smile! There's a way to create a more positive workplace.

    Do you help make your employees smile? Happy workers make for a more successful business. When workers feel respected and valued, they’re more likely to be happy and engaged. Workplaces that lack a positive atmosphere have higher absenteeism, more accidents, increased errors and defects, decreased productivity and lower profitability.(1)

    Staff members smiling at a work meeting

    1. Make employees feel valued.

    Employees care about more than just their salary. By offering an attractive benefits package that addresses their additional needs and wants, you can help reduce their stress and increase their happiness. Strong medical, dental and vision benefits are the most valued benefits by job seekers.(2) And, of course, dental coverage will help employees keep a healthy smile that they will love to show off.

    2. Give employees a voice.

    Gather feedback on your benefits program to make sure employees know you are listening and working to make sure your benefits — including your dental plan — are meeting their needs. 

    3. Do little things that make a big difference.

    Recognize accomplishments often. Celebrate a job well done and goals that are met by individuals and teams. Smaller, more frequent, positive feedback and rewards have been proven to keep employees happier than large but less frequent events.(2, 3)

    You can help keep employees happy and protect their smiles by stocking plenty of healthy, smile-friendly snacks around the office. Low-sugar yogurt, almonds and crunchy fruits and vegetables like apple and carrots are all great choices.


    Finally, don’t forget to smile frequently yourself. Smiles are contagious and don’t cost a thing.