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Delta Dental Mobile App

Delta Dental is introducing an updated version of our mobile app that’s faster and easier to use. The new mobile app will replace our current version on Dec. 19, 2021. Read the FAQs below for more information.

Delta Dental's mobile app lets you take care of your dental plan wherever and whenever you want.

Once you download and log into the Delta Dental Mobile App, You can:

  • cellphone with ddma app open on screenGet Your Mobile ID Card

    • No need for a paper card. View and share your ID card from your phone, and easily save it to your device for quick access, including Apple Passbook and Google Wallet.
  • Check you your coverage and claims

    • View information on your plan and coverage details, and check the status of claims for you and your family. Easily add your dependents to your account so you can access the whole family’s coverage in one spot.
  • Find a Dentist

    • It’s easy to find a dentist near you. Search and compare dental offices to find one that suits your needs. Save your family’s preferred dentists to your account for easy access.
  • Estimate your cost of care

    • Want to estimate how your plan will cover your care BEFORE you go to the dentist? Our Dental Care Cost Estimator takes into account your benefits, deductible and other factors to give you the best estimate possible for your care at your dentist.*

Download the App
This powerful app is available for iOS (Apple) or Android. So just visit the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android).

Logging In to View Benefits
Delta Dental subscribers can log in using the username and password they use to log in to our website. Launch the app on your device, then click the Login button. Enter your username and password, and click Login. If you've forgotten your username or password, there are links to retrieve them.

Currently, we do not support registration on the mobile app. There is a link to register which will direct you to our website using your device's browser. For a better experience, we recommend registering on our website before using the app.

Securely Access Your Benefits
You must enter your user name and password each time you access the secure portion of the app. No personal health information is ever stored on your device. For more details on security, our Privacy Policy can be viewed via a link on the Login page of the app.

For technical support please e-mail us at

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the updated Delta Dental mobile app be available?
The updated mobile app will be available for download in mid-November 2021.
Do I need to create a new account to access the updated mobile app?

No, you can simply use your existing username and password to access the updated mobile app.
Do I need to download a new mobile app? Or will my existing app update automatically?

Your existing app will not update automatically. You will need to download the updated mobile app named Delta Dental Mobile App.
Can I still use the existing app?

No, the existing mobile app will not work after December 19, 2021.
Why isn't the app updating automatically? Why do I need to download something new?

To create a better user experience, the new Delta Dental Mobile App is built on an updated technology platform that is faster and more stable.
What functions are available on the new mobile app?
• Member ID
• Dentist finder
• Cost estimator
• Account management functions
Is my information going to be transferred over to the new app?
You will be able to use the same username and password to access the new mobile app.
All information, including your saved dependent information and preferred dentists, will be transferred over to the new mobile app.
Will I still have access to the existing functions on the new mobile app?

You will continue to have access to member ID, dentist finder and cost estimator.
Existing saved dentists and dependents will be transferred over to the new app.
Is the new app secure? Will my information be protected?

Yes, the application uses industry best practices for securing your data.



*The cost estimator tool only generates estimated costs and cannot be relied upon for the actual costs. The members should carefully review their benefit terms and speak with their dentists before the dental procedures are undertaken.