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Make the most of your dental benefits

Your oral health is directly linked to your overall health, so it’s important to visit the dentist regularly to ensure that you’re at peak oral fitness. Plus, preventive dental checkups are healthy on your bottom-line — saving you unnecessary medical expenses, long-term. So, invest in your smile. Take advantage of your dental benefits. The information below will help you get the most from your coverage.


The value of dental benefits

Good health starts with a healthy smile. Having dental coverage helps you get the care you need to stay healthy. It can also help keep your overall health care costs down. Learn more about the value of benefits.

Stretch your dental benefits by choosing the
right dentist

You’ll get the best price for care by choosing an in-network dentist. Learn more about taking the in-network route to savings.

Watch our video about in-network choices.

Why staying in the Delta Dental network benefits you.

Discounts on covered services

Even if you exceed your annual benefit maximum, you can apply our provider discount to a variety of services. Learn more discounts on services. 

Manage your costs with a pre-treatment estimate

Understanding what your costs are before you get care lets you plan. As a member, there are two ways you can do this:
  • Pre-treatment estimates – Ask your dentist to submit a request to Delta Dental and we will look at your account and report back to you and your dentists an estimate of what you would pay.
  • Online cost estimator – You can use our online estimator tool to see a range of costs for the care you are planning. Try out the tool.

Glossary of dental terms

Find out the meaning behind common terms to better understand your plan. View our glossary.