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What’s the value of dental benefits?

Having a Delta Dental plan saves you money and makes it easy to get the care you need to protect your smile and keep it healthy.

Save moneySave time and money icon

Delta Dental negotiates lower fees with dentists, so you pay less for the dental care you need. Most Delta Dental plans cover preventive care at 100%.

Save time

Our time-saving tools make it easy to find a dentist in your area, estimate the cost of a procedure before you go to the dentist and manage your dental benefits plan online or with our mobile app.

Stay healthy

When families have dental benefits, they are almost twice as likely to get the preventive dental care that they need to stay healthy. With most Delta Dental plans, preventive care, such as exams, cleanings, and X-rays, are covered at 100%. Keeping your smile healthy is not just about your appearance—oral health is a critical component of your overall health.

Save money and keep everyone in the family smiling!

You could realize big savings on the care your family needs with Delta Dental.*
  • Preventive services often covered at 100%**
  • Pre-negotiated discounts with dentists
  • Dental plan coverage means lower out-of-pocket costs

It’s easy to see the savings add up:

To illustrate the value of dental benefits, let’s compare the dental care costs for a family of four with and without dental benefits. Over the course of the year, let’s say each family member had their twice-annual preventive visit and each person needed a cavity filled.

For a family of four...



No dental benefits*

With dental benefits*

  Annual premium: $0 $1,200
  Preventive visits: $1,400 $0**
  Fillings: $800 $200
  Cost: $2,200 $1,400




Now those are savings worth smiling about!

And imagine even more savings should your family need more intensive work, like crowns or root canals.


* Dental service fees are for illustrative purposes only. Premium rates are dependent upon your location and your plan type. See your plan Limitations and Exclusions for specific plan information.
** Check your specific plan details, as preventive coverage may vary.