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Stretch your dental benefits by choosing the right dentist

Did you know that the cost for a filling, a crown or other dental procedures can vary from dentist to dentist?

This means that you could end up paying more – and in some cases much more – based on which dentist you choose.

The good news is that we’ve made it easy for you to get the best price for care every time. Just choose a dentist from our Delta Dental PPO network.

Save all year long

Over the year, those costs can add up.Savings piggy bank on wallet
Most plans include an annual benefit maximum. This is like a bank account for your dental coverage. Every time you get care, your dentist uses some of the funds. Once they are used up, the cost of care is your responsibility.

When you choose a Delta Dental PPO dentist, each withdrawal from the account will be smaller – stretching your dollars further.

And the great part is that because you are a Delta Dental of Massachusetts member, the Delta Dental PPO providers will not ask you for additional money beyond our discounted rate as long as you have benefit dollars in your account.

In short, you’ll get more services for less money.


How can I find a Delta Dental PPO dentist?

The really great news is that there are more than 143,900 dentists in the Delta Dental PPO Network of dentists. It’s likely there is one near your home or work. Of course, before you get care, you should check to see if your plan includes the Delta Dental PPO network.Dentist icon on a laptop

There are three ways to find a Delta Dental PPO dentist near you:

  • Search on your computer or tablet with our online search
  • Search on your smartphone with our Mobile App
  • Talk to a Member Service Associate

What if I already have a dentist?

For the greatest benefit value we recommend that you get all of your care from dentists in the Delta Dental PPO network. However, if the general dentist you are already seeing for routine care isn’t in the Delta Dental PPO network, you can still save money on higher-cost, specialty services like root canals or oral surgery by selecting a participating Delta Dental PPO specialist.

It is easy to find specialists in the Delta Dental PPO network. Our search lets you choose dentists by specialty.

  • Here is an example of what you can save on a porcelain crown:



When you visit a:

Delta Dental PPO

Network Dentist

Delta Dental
Premier Dentist

  "Retail" fee charged by dentist: $1,288 $1,288
  Our lower, negotiated fee: $907.30 $1,209.74
  What you pay: $453.65 $604.87
  Additional cost: $0 $151.22

Please note: The Delta Dental PPO Network, is not the same as the Delta Dental Premier Network. Even though you have access to both networks, the discounts are not the same between the two networks. 

Delta Dental of Massachusetts Premier and PPO are offered by Dental Service of Massachusetts, Inc. An Independent Licensee of the Delta Dental Plans Association. ©2019 DSM.