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    Don't Let These Treats Play Tricks on Your Teeth this Halloween

    Along with carving pumpkins and picking out a costume, candy is a big part of Halloween activities. Among those parents whose children have visited a dentist three or more times to have a cavity filled, 71% said their children eat too much candy around Halloween.

    This is the perfect time of year for arm yourself with the information you need to promote healthier Halloween habits for the whole family, so the increased consumption of sugary treats and snacks this time of year doesn't play unwanted tricks on your oral health.
    Avoid These Sweets for a Spooktacular Halloween:
    Did you know that the acidity in sour candy is what makes them pucker? That acidity enhances the weakening of teeth and increases the chances of cavities. So watch out for those scary sour patch kids!
    Lollipops (aka, the longest-lasting candy) do more harm to teeth than many people realize. Since these suckers are meant to be enjoyed slowly, sugar-filled saliva builds up in the mouth. This makes it harder for saliva to do its job of protecting the mouth. 
    Gummy candy leads to a sticky situation. These sugary ingredients stick around, increasing chances of a cavity. Sticky treats are a satisfying treat for mouth bacteria, which turns the sugar into acid.
    Patients may consider popcorn balls a fairly healthy snack, but once they're dressed up with caramel or sugar, this one healthy treat becomes a risk to oral health.
    Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with These Health(ier) Candies: 
    Chocolate is dressed up as healthy candy. As the lesser of many evils, this classic treat doesn't linger on teeth for long, posing less risk for tooth decay. Choose dark chocolate, but milk chocolate is a close second option. 
    If you can't get enough chewy treats and are looking for a healthier alternative, your new best friend is xylitol. Gum and sugarless candy with xylitol protect teeth by reducing the acids that are produced by bacteria. 
    Get nutty! Candy bars made with smaller nuts serve to scrub away some of the sugar that might otherwise stick to the teeth.
    Fun-sized bites are a less spooky option for oral health. These small treats will satisfy your sweet tooth while coating the teeth with significantly less sugar. 
    Halloween, and the marathon of holiday celebrations from now through New Years, is a great time to think about your children's teeth, but oral health should be a year-round concern. Make sure you continue to practice good oral health habits with your children, including flossing daily, brushing at least twice a day, and visiting your dentist regularly. That way you can ensure that sugary villains don't stick around on your children's teeth long after Halloween is over.