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Right Start 4 Kids℠ Removes Cost Barriers Making Dental Care for Children Affordable

Beginning Jan. 1, 2022, Delta Dental will offer a unique children’s dental care benefit option for members of eligible Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier™ contributory plans making it even easier – and more affordable – for Delta Dental of Massachusetts’ members to take care of their children’s oral health.
Right Start 4 Kids provides 100% coverage for diagnostic, preventive, basic and major services for children up to their 13th birthday with a participating provider. The best part is when members use in-network dentists from the Delta Dental PPO™ and Delta Dental Premier
® networks, Delta Dental will apply the benefits automatically - there is no extra paperwork to fill out. Members can also see non-participating dentists, but their costs will likely be higher*
Starting on January 1, 2022, groups with less than 100 enrolled subscribers will automatically receive this benefit upon plan renewal. Groups with 100 or more enrolled subscribers may choose this option upon plan renewal.



  • Coverage for age 12 and under
  • 100% coverage for covered services (preventive, basic, major)*
  • No Deductible
  • Does not apply to orthodontics; orthodontic coinsurance applies
  • Annual benefit maximum applies
  • Exclusions and Limitations apply

Sample PPO Plus Premier

Right Start 4 Kids℠ Plan Design

Age 12 and under

Right Start for Kids Benefit*
Preventive/Diagnostic Coinsurance
Basic Restorative Coinsurance
Major Restorative Coinsurance

*Non-participating dentists may balance bill. Subscribers are responsible for the difference between the non-participating maximum plan allowance and the full fee charged by the dentist.


Oral Health Resources for Parents

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