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Prevention Focused

Hello Preventistry℠, goodbye cavities.

It's easier to prevent cavities and other oral health problems than to treat them after they occur. That's the whole idea behind the Preventistry approach to dental benefits.


Prevention works

The results are in, and the Preventistry‚Ą† approach is improving the health of our members. As part of this innovative approach, Preventistry Patient Reports are helping dentists identify and treat higher-risk members. The result? In a single year in our Massachusetts PPO program, there was: 
  • A 30% increase in higher-risk 6- to18-year-olds receiving fluoride treatments
  • A 30% increase in higher-risk periodontal patients receiving necessary care 

Strong support from dentists

The Preventistry‚Ą† approach results in dramatic improvements in oral health. 
"Preventive dental care is the foundation of optimal oral health. Preventive dental interventions like sealants, fluoridation and regular dental checkups are key to maintaining good oral health. The Preventistry approach supports dentists and patients working together to improve oral health utilizing high-quality dental care."
-Dr. Raj Gohel, Methuen, MA
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