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Prevention Focused

Yes! Our dentists are preventists

"There are many benefits provided by Delta Dental of Massachusetts' recent Preventistry program. The most important is the benefit to our patients. Delta Dental offers coverage for sealants up to age 19 for high-risk patients. It also allows cleanings for patients requiring periodontal treatment at shorter intervals. Because we are now able to provide services such as cleanings more often, we are able to keep a closer eye on the progress made by the patients. We are better able to manage and care for them."
-Dr. Nicholas P. Senzamici, Danvers, MA

"Over the years I have gradually built up a strong hygienist team to help my patients keep current of their preventive care. The additional coverage supplied by Delta Dental is very helpful in this aspect of my care to my patients. Delta Dental provides 100% coverage for sealants up to age 19 for higher risk patients and 100% coverage for quarterly perio cleanings for patients with gum disease. Evidence proves these services prevent tooth decay and help successfully manage gum disease."
-Dr. Sharon Chen, Framingham, MA

"The Preventistry effort shows the overall care and awareness that Delta Dental has for the oral health of both the young and adult population. Our patients have been very impressed when informed that they will be covered for their cleanings every three months at 100% once they have completed their scaling and root planing treatment. Many adults postpone the care of their oral health because they can't afford the necessary treatment, but our patients have peace of mind knowing they are covered for their recalls every four months. Preventistry has helped us to take a look at any patients that have not scheduled their next recalls to get them back into the system."
-Dr. Wanda Febo-Cuello, East Boston, MA

"As we all know, 'to prevent is better than to cure.' Our office believes strongly in the prevention of oral disease including tooth decay, gum disease and oral cancer. Delta Dental of Massachusetts has helped us to find high-risk patients through Preventistry Patient Reports. Those high-risk patients informed us that they were thrilled to receive information from Delta Dental about prevention of cavities for their children and prevention of gum disease for themselves."
-Dr. Nikhil Patel, Worcester, MA

"Preventive dental care is the foundation of optimal oral health. Preventive dental interventions like sealants, fluoridation and regular dental checkups are key to maintaining good oral health. The Preventistry approach supports dentists and patients working together to improve oral health utilizing high quality dental care."
-Dr. Raj Gohel, Methuen, MA