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Prevention Focused

The fact is, we need a Preventistry℠ approach

Oral health has a huge impact on overall health, happiness and productivity. Just take a look at the facts: 
  • Dental disease is nearly 100% preventable with early diagnosis and care.
  • Tooth decay is today’s most chronic childhood disease – 5 times more common than asthma, and 7 times more common than hay fever.
  • More than half of U.S. children 5 to 9 have at least one cavity or filling.
  • Dental disease causes employed adults to lose more than 164 million hours of work/year.
  • More healthcare dollars are spent on dental care than diabetes, asthma, cancer and uncomplicated births. 
  • 23% of all adults have untreated tooth decay.
  • 34% of people over age 30 have gum disease. 
  • Without prevention, annual spending on dental services is expected to rise 58% by 2018.
  • 1 in 10 minority and low-income children in Massachusetts feel pain in their teeth. 
  • Preventistry works. It’s easier to prevent oral health problems early rather than treat them later.