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Prevention Focused

The results are in!

The Preventistry‚Ą† approach from Delta Dental of Massachusetts is improving the oral health of our members.

As part of our Preventistry approach to better oral health, we introduced the Preventistry Patient Report in 2010. This report helps dentists in the Delta Dental PPO Network in Massachusetts identify higher-risk members in their practices to ensure those members get the preventive care they need. The goals of the report are to help increase the percentage of higher-risk children (ages 6-18) who receive topical fluoride treatments to prevent tooth decay and the percentage of higher-risk adults who get regular periodontal cleanings to manage gum disease.



the Preventistry Report

6 months

using the Preventistry Report


in patients receiving preventive care

% of children
receiving fluoride




% of periodontal patients receiving perio maintenance




Preventistry Patient Reports are just part of the overall Preventistry approach to improving oral health. With prevention-focused dental benefits from Delta Dental, your patients also get:
  • 100% of most preventive services covered
  • Access to the largest network of dentists in the nation
The Preventistry approach works to ensure that members get the preventive care they need to stay healthy — and it’s available only from Delta Dental of Massachusetts. Learn what respected dentists across Massachusetts are saying about the Preventistry approach by clicking here.